Hello! I’m Yasir. I started as Entrepreneur early when I was 20 years old. Since then, I have founded many companies and organizations, and worked in different sectors. This is where I share what I’m doing and document my journey along the way. You can find me on Twitter and you can reach me via email.

Things I Wrote

Things I’m Making

  • Qaleen
    Marketplace for handmade rugs manufacturers from oriental region.

Things I Made

    Online rugs store based in Lahore, Pakistan and serving internationally.
  • Danka
    Cultural events guide for Lahore. Modeled on Time Out but online.
  • Pakistan’s Constituency Maps
    Developed Pakistan’s constituency maps on the eve of 2013’s General Elections.
  • ElectoMap
    An interactive geo-visualization solution for Elections coverage on TV.
  • Jaag Pakistan
    Till date the only attempt to measure the extent of electoral rigging in Pakistan with the help of 2000+ volunteers of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.
  • Sanctuary
    Art Rugs exhibition at Fort Mason Chapel, San Francisco by 36 artists from 22 countries including Ai Weiwei.

Platforms I Use

  • Twitter
    My favorite platform and where I tell it like I see it.
  • Quora
    I occasionally answer questions related to the topics I write about.
  • LinkedIn
    My boring professional profile.